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We Are Committed To Getting You DEBT FREE

Our professionals are here to help you become debt free.

Why Choose Debt Correct


Immediate Relief

A Single Lower Monthly Payment. Debt Correct will negotiate with your creditors and restructure your debts so that you only pay a single monthly instalment. This allows more available cash for day to day expenses.


Legal Protection

Once placed under Debt Review by Debt Correct, no legal action can be taken against you by any of your creditors. They are not allowed to even contact you.


Professional Advice

Debt Correct are registered debt counsellors with a background in legal services and banking. We work closely with attorneys and financial professionals to ensure that you get the absolute best advice.


Become Debt Free

Debt Correct will help you move from a situation of over-indebtedness, where you are borrowing money just to get by, to a position where your debt is under control and reducing on a monthly basis.

We’ll Call You Back!

The Debt Correct Process

Step 1

We contact you and guide you through completing an assessment of your financial situation.

Step 2

We will review your Assessment and determine whether you are over-indebted.

Step 3

Once we have determined that you are over-indebted, we will place you under debt review. This means that we will advise all your creditors and the credit bureau. From this point your creditors may not take further action against you.

Step 4

We will re-arrange and reduce payments to creditors so that you will make a single monthly payment for all your debt.

Step 5

The agreed restructured payment plan is made to be an order of court and binds all your creditors.

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“If you don’t take good care of your credit, then your credit won’t take good care of you”

- Tyler Gregory

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